Woodlands part 1 (chicken feet & dim sum)

UPDATED!!! 23/11/07 I was told by 2 visitors that this shop has closed down. So sadz..

Chicken feet is one of my favourite food! It is said to have lots of collagen(awet muda/secret to youthful looking)Anyway, I was searching for something in woodlands regional interchange(the old interchange checkpoint)and I found more than I can bargain for! Other than the cheap fruits, things u can buy..It is one place u can find lots of HALAL goodies..err.. esp.FOOD!

I was told previously by the “makciks clan” that beside ARNOLDS, there is another place in WOODLANDS that serves a delicious western fried spring chicken too! So my makcik (aunt) lead us there but we got some miscommunication thus directions “muddled-up”, we end up trying more unique stalls!

First one is at a coffeshop that has most stalls HALAL-certified.The nearest coffeeshop facing the old interchange.

What I tried is the char siew Chee cheong fun and steamed chicken feet (chinese style)The char siew chee cheong fun has the softest and silkiest smooth texture. But the filling (char siew chicken)wasnt enough. It was there just for taste. If more filling, would be great. On the whole, nice to slurp on.$1.80.
Different than the normal chee cheong fun. Its embedded in saltish kinda like fish sauce.
As for the chicken feet ($1.60 for few pieces), it was the YUMMIEST ever. The skin has “kembang”. (My makan kaki aka mom will surely LOVE THIS!) Normally, from what I’ve tried experimenting with chicken feet, they normally fry the feet in hot oil till crispy and then they cook it/stew/steam it. The skin will expand and thus a shiok soft tender chicken feet. Put whole in ur mouth and suck it till bones are left.This stall also sell hot piping steamy buns with corn, red bean, siew mai, prawns chee cheong fun and lots more.


Oh by the way, they have a SEDAP noodle shop and beside it there is a poster that state it was featured in local Malay news paper BERITA HARIAN/MINGGU. But too full, to try them. Mostly fish ball noodles, wanton noodle…also not forgetting the delicious looking MALAY kuehs beside it.

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