Where did my feet take me today 1?

During Ramadan months, bazaars seems to be “mushrooming” all over towns especially in Singapore and Malaysia. Makes easier for consumer to buy food for both break fast and sahur. As for the stall owners, this is another way to BOOST their income especially for the coming Raya celebrations where there is a need to re-decorate houses,new clothes, new stuff and not forgetting the norm which is giving out “Ang pows” /green packet for kids…I heard that daily, stall owners can get an estimate of RM$300-RM$700 profits? True or not? Hmm…i’m thinking of moving over..hehe!But I’m only good at eating..

For tourist, this will be a GREAT time to visit Malaysia because then u can taste varieties of Malaysian/Singaporean food in a month. But if u can wait later after hari Raya (eid celebrations) there will be another GREAT events happening all over Malaysia-OPEN HOUSES!! Take note which region has OPENJ house on which date..There will be many, many many food like the ones in BAZAAR but much more and its FREE!! Furthermore, u wont be “paiseh” if u eat in front of them because no more FASTING but FEASTING…hurray! Yipee…

Hot piping Kebab meat…

Fruitty agar2/jelly to cool your body down in the sweltering heat…

Fried noodles in a GIANT pan!

Nasi lauk (can u see the crab in lemak/coconut gravy?)

Popiah basah.(non-fried spring rolls filled with vegetables eaten with dip sauce/plain)

BBQ chicken wings

Roasted chicken/ayam golek RM15 per bird.(is this the market price?)

Local traditional kuehs from all over Malaysia.

colourful thirst quenching drinks…There are alos fresh sugar cane and freshly made soya bean and tahu fah (soyabean curd) available.

Kurma (dates) galore..so many to choose from..

Colourful yummy-looking cakes with “cute japanese” umbrellas..

Very LONG roti john…

Curry puffs (not typical curry puff but like 1A curry puffs in singapore, the pastry kind)

Roasted chicken rice

Nasi ayam hailam

Wanna know where this place is, look carefully..We were there from 4++pm onwards..

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