the Briyani stalker..(tanjong pagar part 2)

Well, my journey for briyani rice in tg pagar railway ends here. 3 times is enough for me;3 times of disappointments. First time, I went 6 plus then another day 5 plus then another day 3 plus also SOLD out! And the funny thing is that whenever I want to ask the lady in the shop, she kinda disappear hehe! Like playing hide and seek….ada hikmahnyer (there’s a silver lining in every cloud)

And so the Briyani stalker sadly returns home empty handed….not really …

Tanjong pagar railway revisited (courtesy of briyani stall hehhe just kidding!)

One of the BEST pineapple tarts ($2.30 per box of 10pcs i think because too busy popping in my mouth forgot to count).Melts in the mouth…(not kueh raya shopping but found by chance)
The fillings is over..YUMMY!(maybe i should buy all for my raya.Eh,havent puasa, raya already?)
The sambal sotong (nasi lemak) is DIFFERENT I think dried sotong and soaked by themselves not those pre-soaked ones sold in market..

One of the Softest prata kosong i ever tasted

And not forgetting the SHIOK teh tarek!

another cofeeshop in the railway station (there are 3 different coffeeshops)

nice sop kambing (mutton) tongue $4-5.

That’s it for now, need to exercise…I think i better chase the train…

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