Thaksin beef noodles…MY way (DIY)

Still feeling heaty what better way than to break your fast with some steaming hot delicious beef broth?

(if u are wondering where are the noodles? I have not put them in because its still 2 more hours to iftar (break fast))

For today’s delicious episode of cooking with me (hehe!), I will attempt “bravely” at making Thaksin beef noodle, my way…

Ingredients are:
1.half kilo of tetel/beef brisket/tendon/tripe/bones(whatever parts u love), I normally bought this at TEKKA market from JOE’s(stated in the signboard)because they are “generous” for $2. I love the tetel (pronounced as “tay-tail”) part because its flavourful and its’ full of tendons/urat (chewy2). If broth too oily from the fats, u can skim the fats off the broth later on.

2.noodles (dry chinese noodles/rice noodles) or rice cakes (nona makes GREAT nasi himpit/ketupats)$1

3.taugeh /bean sprouts (30 cents only)

4.selaseh leaves ,50cents (remember the tadpole thingy in kathirah drinks? well, this is the leaves and its very fragrant!) My mom often told me that Thai people has the best BO(body odour) in the world because they love to eat fragrant leaves like this one .(now, don’t go around sniffing the mat Thai workers, ok? I think she meant the ladies..)

5.Others-2 large onions, 1 clove of garlic, 1 cinnamon stick , few pieces of star anise and cardamon, 1 asam keping/tamarind, few soya beans (for milky healthier broth), nampla instead of salt(thai fish sauce)and 2 table spoon of dark soya sauce (saltish/sweetish depends on preference)

cooking method:
1.First and foremost, clean your ingredients thoroughly, U never know where they come from, where they were stored…I normally wash meaty items in vinegar to remove any unwanted smell.

2.Making the Broth– Peel some onions, garlic and placed in a pot of water with cinnamon, star anise, cardamon, soya beans and 1 teaspoon of curry powder (or kurma/sop bunjut)and 1 asam keping (tamarind)and the half kilo of tetel.

3. Boil in slow heat for few hours (2-3hrs) . If u have no patience, use rice cooker to boil them , one hour should be sufficient.

4. Cut the beef to smaller pieces (if u are carnivorous like me, chunks are GREAT!) and skim the fats off the broth (after boiling till tender) when its cooled down.

5. Put taugeh and noodles in boiling water for a moment/2-3mins.

6. Add some selaseh leaves, noodles and beef , broth in one bowl and enjoy!

7. For adrenaline rush, add some cili padi/chopped bird’s eye chillies in nampla/thai fish sauce and eat with them.Sure , will cry…because its so GOOD!! hehhe!

Note: All ingredients are from Tekka market. Selaseh leaves, u can only get at the end of the market near the leafy vegetable corner/near florist. This stall sells lots of ulam/herbs from Malaysia and Thailand.

For less than $5, u can get 5-6 persons of yummilicious beef noodles for breaking fast! Cheap and good! Furthermore, u can have as much beef, noodles, vegetables as u want because self-service hehe! Trylah..(if u want a bigger yummilicious view of the beef noodles, click on any of the images)
I use both white and yellow mee mixture and (heheh! )I add some paru too!(beef lungs)

tip: Often recite the selawat of our Prophet (pbuh) or read basmalah (bismillah) or recite the verses of Al-Quran while cooking or recite “subhanallah walhamdulillah wala ilahaillahu allahu akhbar” (also applicable when doing all household chores)…

What i’ve learnt from my elders:
Selawat is the best (agreed by most elderly great cooks like grannies/grandaddies of our time)
Surah Al-Kauthar for some zestiness spicyness in your food.Add that “Oompph!” in your food.
Surah Quraish-if u think the food might make u sick (esp. seafood items like cockles)sort of like prevention of ill/black magic/food poisoning on food we eat.

Best read this surah to the food we eat everyday (outside or homecooked) because no matter how clean the food look, we do not know whether there is any insecticide on the vegetables, or the poultry/cow has unknown diseases or the water is potable or best to read surah Quraish on all food that we eat for ourselves and our family.(allahu alam)Just to share some insights..

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