Tang Tea House (Hong Kong)

Tang Tea House is ahongkong style coffeeshop that serves Hong Kong cuisines, Indian and malay cuisines. They also have steamed fish, seafood dishes and variety of hong kong styled noodles.
Location: Opposite Simpang Bedok.

The roasted chicken rice has got to be one of the best I ever had…little but shiok! $3 and must eat with the super power chilli which is poured for u (i think limited because they never put on the table with the other sauces)

The chicken rice is fragrant and not oily at all.

STeamed chicken (white chicken) rice is not bad..little for the price $3.

Beef Brisket noodle is one of the recommendation in the menu. It is YUMMY! The noodle is similar to Razacks kitchen kinda food. And the vegetables are so flavourful with the broth and yet fresh and crunchy. The noodles and the beef chunks are just tender and shiok…sedap! The dumplingsa re those with shrimps and homemadely..

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7 thoughts on “Tang Tea House (Hong Kong)”

  1. Yup – Been here many times.
    Very Yummy.
    I recommend the Porridge (choice of beef, fish or chicken) and the handmade noodles with spicy mince chicken or non-spicy gravy. The handmade noodles are exactly the same as the Chinese "la mian" noodles – texture is al-dente yummy. And if you like Super THICK toast. This place sells it 🙂 The Indian Thosai stall also sells delicious Thosai.

  2. Tang Tea House (Simpang Bedok) changing their menu – adding more delicious dishes. Will go and try it next week 🙂

  3. try oso the "san lao hor fun". juz sliced fish,tau ge,hor fun aje. then makan dengan chilli hijau. simple but i starting to like it alot. i saw sumbody eating " fish head steamboat-teochew called "hi tau lo" " macam sedap. anybody nak gi sama? its one of my fav makan place. they oso have "xiao long bao" served in "long". the stewed kaki ayam shiok juga.

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