Sri West Coast Nasi Ambeng

One of most tantalizing delicious NASI ambeng in town!Once again this is recommended by Don Sadus.(thks!) Another recommendation that hits the bull’s-eye!

Located:Blk 271 Bukit Batok
HURRY! Left 1 more weekends after that fasting month will commence and they will go elsewhere/night bazaar (as what Don Sadus stated)

One of the busiest coffeeshop I ever seen on Sunday morning. Though I have scanned the many times, it doesnt beat the real experience. I was lost 2X! I missed the actual bustop 2X!!haheheha!Alhamdulillah, i found it at last after walking 500m (i think?!)Anyway i get to breathe in the fresh bukit batok air while walking..

There are 2 varieties-chicken and beef. Both nasi ambeng consist of paru sambal(beef lungs), sambal belachan,begedil (potato cutlet),acar (pickled cucumber and vege), chicken or beef rendang and most importantly the DELICIOUS serunding (fried shredded coconut in spices).The serunding is the one that binds them together and creates a delicious harmonious feeling when u have a bite.BEST eaten with all 5 right fingers. They also sell nasi padang dishes and other malay hawker fares like lontong, mee siam…
Beef rendang version

Chicken version

I love the beef rendang version. Chicken is nice too . Most important is the serunding and also the beef lungs (paru) is soft and yummy!Oh by the way, it cost $4.

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3 thoughts on “Sri West Coast Nasi Ambeng”

  1. u shud try their lontong…its very nice…they were once located at blk 150 bt batok west ave 6 but it is now replace by Makan Shiok(all halal coffeshop)

    thr is another Malay stall selling nasi lemak/nasi ambeng which is nice(well i prefer it over Sri West Coast XD). Location: Blk 134along Bt Batok ave 3 road (also all halal coffeeshop)

  2. Rezana -Yeah u are right…Don Sadus (regular blog visitor) has recommended me this lontong too! I have tried them previously. It was definitely yummy! There is a certain sweetness in it. Love it! (Have not post them here yet, still searching for those pics)

    As for the nasi ambeng, will take note of the other stall…thanks!

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