Sheikh Najib (revisited)

Walk back home from the kandahar street, cannot help popping my “nosy” head into Sheikh Najib stall. Normally on Sunday only nasi lemak are sold but today there are many dishes too including curr puffs, 3 different kueh talam and mee goreng.

Saw this mesmerizing fish staring at me kinda telling “eat me!”…

And some sweet kuehs…

Last but not least some ice teh..
fyi-This Malabar mosque situated near victoria st has a Qari/Hafiz reciting the Holy Quran near the entrance (so melodious voice like from Mecca) around 5++pm. If I could I would take a video but shy cause he is right in front of me…and i smell YUMMYlicious briyani at the “kitchen area of this mosque” (am i snooping around..?)

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