RTM 1-tilawah interactive

12 am on Monday, I watched this interesting program in RTM 1. It’s called tilawah interactive -reading Al-Quran thru the phone and an ustaz (teacher) will give comments for improvement.

This not only helps to improve one’s reading but everyone who watches it, can learn from the reader’s mistake. Normally we often watches qari/Qariah recite the Holy Quran on tv and of course, they are more “professional” cause that is their forte. But this time, it encourages people like us, the “unporfessionals” to come up and have the confidence to recite in public tv. Of course the lack of physical appearance (thru phones) helps greatly..especially for those shy ones like me…(hehe!)

And also, I think some prizes will be given. I applaud RTM 1 for coming up with interesting programs such as this. Hope more and more creative Islamic programs will be created in the future!

fyi-RTM has an online site where u can watch the program LIVE, click here!

For me, I wish that there is a travel program whereby a real Singaporean/Malaysian travels/backpack during Ramadan to different countries and mingle with them and show us how they actually break fast, sahur, solat terawikh, recitation of Al-Quran and Eid celebtations.

Not only to muslim countries but to non-muslim countries where the muslims are a minority like Europe, pacific islands , caribbean.. russia, korea..(I think)… if they need a host, PICK ME!! hehehe! Me and my bright ideas…or if not Ramadan months, how about normal, non-ramadan months, in search for HALAL food and mingle with the muslim community like in china..maybe muslim travel agency can sponsor like TM FOUZY, SHAHIDAH, or HALIJAH..in this way not only can they show the islamic food and community of various countries, they can also promote their Islamic tours! So if I’m the host, I can show them..maybe Chan brothers will be interested? heheheh! Again another “bright idea”…

*Dreaming* I can foresee…Putri Berendam backpack to China to great wall of china. Eating Halal chinese food (maybe I can learn how to slaughter chicken the islamic way), living with chinese muslims (I read that some communicate only in Arabic?!!Hmm..need to polish my language skills)…then next to Korea, then Japan … last is living with muslim eskimos…(are there any?)And those places that I went, there will be a BIG STICKER/poster showing me with a big thumbs up grin!

Conquering the world,

nothing is impossible..

just got to come out of the comfort zone

and think out of the box..
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