Roti kahwin @ Kluang rail coffee part1

“Roti kahwin” -“bread in matrimony/marriage”
Toasted and steamed roti kaya buns (steamed are so SOFT..yummy!)

Rightly done half-boiled egg (with saltish soyasauce and pepper) I love to eat halfboiled egg with kicap manis cap udang (sweet soya sauce). Too bad never ta-pow from home.

Old fashioned mini nasi lemak
“Wet” Mee siam/mee siam basah (small portion) Also have mee goreng,mee hoon goreng in mini portions already packed on table plus I think pulut bakar and curry puffs.

Coffee and CHAM PENG (similar to AH-mei tea in BANQUET Singapore but AHMEI is much sweeter)

Went to the famous KLUANG railway coffee and kaya bread.2 hours plus journey time by train from tanjong pagar (not including delayed moments)Cost about $16 per adult one way. Return ticket is best to buy in KLUANG itself cos cheaper in MYRinggit.
Other than the coffee, kaya, Singaporeans normally come hear to go trekking up their mountains (Gunung Lambak) or to go to mersing /tioman another overnight stay alternative.

Opening hours

Nowadays this is a HIT! They have franchises all over Malaysia e.g KL, and even kotaraya in JB (near JB customs).But rumours state that the people often comment that the best is still the ORIGINAL shop @KLUANG.
Worth the trip!
Favourites: Coffee, “CHAM peng”-mixture of coffee and tea with ice, steamed kaya bread buns, roti kahwin (toasted bread with kaya), LOVE the kaya…mee siam basah and the cheap mini nasi lemak of anchovies and sambal.
total cost; Quite cheap- 3 drinks, i nasi lemak, mee hoon basah, 3 plates of kaya bread, 3 eggs about SGD$6-$7++ for 3-4 persons.

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