Ross Hailam chicken noodle

updated 31/3/08: They have moved to Pasir Panjang food centre.

My friend is craving for chicken noodle from the long lost ROSS HAILAM nasi ayam. Wondering where they were, she seek my “professional spying advice”.They formerly were from LAU PASAT. Their chicken rice is yummy too!

Immediately I put my mind to work. Defraging my mind one by one, I realise I saw that logo somewhere! When I was the “briyani stalker” at Tanjong Pagar railway, I saw the logo there. I tried the chicken rice but it was ok, a bit dry unlike the ones I tried at Lau Pasat (ages ago) which is moist and yummy! But then again , it stated there that it’s famous for white chicken rice(I should have tried that!).But anyway, they have a wide array of noodles menu.

CHECK this out!!

p.s:dont forget to taste the mutton soup beside this stall..yuMMY!

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