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Padi and Nooch

Updated 2009-the restaurant is no longer there.

A unique name…

PADI and Nooch
26 China Street #01-02
Far East Square
Singapore 049568
Tel/Fax: 6438 3840
(Raffles Place MRT Station, Behind Planet Fitness)
11am – 10pm daily
(Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Favourites: Seafood Baked Rice, Tempura Don, Spicy Fish & Tofu, and Sambal Seafood Fried Rice. See the menu here
They have delivery too!
Catering is available too.

From the menu, there is similarity to RAMEN TEN, (let’s hope it is MUCH better in taste)…but there are mixture of herbal soup and rice, hotplate and rice, ice-cream desserts and lots more..looks YUMMY!

Padi and nooch is closed at the moment , relocation due to shoplease wait for their updates/new location…

There is a restaurant in Tiong bahru plaza (top level , i think 5th floor) which sells italian kinda western fusion food. Nice and price is not so overbearing. Nice manager and staff. But i dunno whether its still there, went there 2 years back, I think… Update! Oh, the name is GRILLER (thks watzdiz!)

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