New 24 hours THAI Muslim seafood (near mustafa)

LK MAJU Thai restaurant pte. ltd.
Located near ROWELL road

I think my DB’s doa is fulfilled. Always wanting this kind of coffeeshop with wide range of drinks e.g MILO DINOSAURS and thai malay seafood kind of menu in Little India. Recently opened…wonder how the food taste like?

I did see with my “bionic” eyes from afar that they also have mamak rojak..

Maybe one day insya-Allah will try..


Went there and tried their Roti telur (prata with egg)So sOFT!! The softest ever! i think this is FAVOURITE because I heard many customers order this. And the prata came along with dalca curry which is NICE! (often dalcha dont taste that great if compared to fish curry)
Also I saw a chinese man eating the red bone steak all alone, tucking silently but shiokly..must be YUMMY! Cause he had a big plate all to himself!!

The teh tarek is fragrant and nice! Tried the milo dinosaurs-ok, there is a treasure..a lychee?!! in the middle of the drink (did it drop by chance or is this a topping?U decide..)

Mamak rojak looks fresh…but no tummy space to try that..

Overall verdict- Love this place, quite spacious and food is nice. After a tiring shopping day @ Mustafa centre, u may want to visit this place for a drink/supper. To get away from the crowded areas…

Also along the way, I saw a long array of “buffet-like” food in Rowell/desker road area. I dunno whether its free or not, but I did go one time and this old indian man give us free vadais and spicy chick peas (I love this snack!)when we break fast there.

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