Mynah blogging in my living room?

As I was updating my blog, my baby was crying and so I tend to him. After he was fast asleep, I went to my living room and to my horror!! I saw a black mynah looking at my “blog!”(hehe!)because the pc was turned on with my blog as the main page.

I think it must be very hungry..and along the mynah’s trail from kitchen to the living room, he lfet me some special “treasures”… I ‘ve got to clear all his treasures in minutes before my baby wakes up and the next thing u know, he will just put “it” in his mouth YIKESSSS!!

Anyway when I “caught sight” of the mynah, it tried to escaped and got entagled with the computer cables. I was afraid it might get “electrocuted” and thus I will have roasted mynah for dinner (just joking!)

but end up, he succeeded and flew off…caught off guard, I guess. “Mynah, if u need the URL, I can email u..heheh!”

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