Life will never be the same again….

after u tasted Americana chocolate chip cookies…

Americana chocolate chip cookies
Manufactured by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Cannot find any HALAL logo but the ingredients are vegetarian insya-Allah.

Anyway, once u tasted this, u will never be able to swallow any decent chocolate chip cookies.It might not look any special but once u bite into it..sorrylah..u wont share it with anyone…no matter how generous u used to be..hehee!

For 9pcs-$3.50 but a bigger tub cost about $11+ (much WORTH it!)Once u saw this cookies in Mustafa, GRAB IT!! Cause it will be a very long time u can see it again..Sometimes, it took months nearly a year before I see it again. Either popular or difficult to get…Located @SErangoon plaza on 2nd floor near the biscuit section (near oil cho

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