Hurray! One more day..

to FASTING MONTH. Time for muhasabah diri.(reevaluate myself) To discipline myself and to practise lots and lots of PATIENCE…Dugaan hidup(chronicles of life).

Need to empty and cleanse myself, in and out spiritually everything. Need to cut down on my food blog and concentrate on my other “spiritual” blog…

I love Ramadhan month. Especially the last 10days…after that, the sadness will come as the RAMADHAN month exits..

It is said that one who pass away in Ramadhan month will be excluded from punishments of the grave for a moment like the others.And the evils will be chained away…allahu alam.

I miss someone so far away…I wish she is here with me to celebrate Ramadhan together..insya-Allah one day.

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