Homemade yogurt

MOHAMMADI restaurant

This coffeshop has one of the best homemade yogurt. It is sweetish sour and it is a delightful dessert after a spicy curry meal.Kinda cools ur body system.Self-service. Dont be shy, just open the cool fridge and help yourself to the yellowish manggo yogurt.

There are 2 kinds, one is mild and the other is zesty sourish manggo. I prefer the brighter yellow though.

FAvourites: Tandoori chicken, mutton curry, other meaty curries and amazing homemade manggo yogurt($1.20).

FYI-Beside this shop, there is a small shop with the same name. I think the “brother” shop. They sell NAAN and their mutton leg is so SHIOK!! $1.50 per small leg.(AZMI chappati @NOrris road(12pm onwards) also sell Mutton leg stew but I prefer this stall’s version)Opens in the afternoon/evening.


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