HALAL Sushi delivery..

18/6/09-CLOSED!So sadz…
Was informed by a reader that the place is gone.Check it today and asked around, no answers can be found. It was indeed replaced by a saloon. Wonder whether its gone for good or moved…Hmm..

Sushi Ten
Blk 42, Chai Chee Street
#01-48 Mondays – Fri 11.30am-6pm
Saturdays 11.30am – 5pm
tel:64440127 fax:64441827
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

I heard about this sushi ages ago but I went one time and its closed eversince I forgotten about it.(me and my worst timing!)It was featured in Suria before. This sushi outlet is owned by a muslim family.

FASTING Month ONLY!! (2-6pm open but deliveries will still be carried on, BEST if ordered one day in advanced)

This lady, Jinny (pardon my spelling if it’s wrong) is a good customer service officer. She actually read the ala carte menu one by one on the phone and explain to me patiently what is in each sushi. She can actually sell me the SET menu but she did not knowing that I’m the only one eating. I applaud her for going the extra mile.

And so I’m doing something extra too. Normally those who wants to order alacarte need to fax them the order form. And since Jinny is so nice as to submit a brochure for me, I will take a pic for all of you’s who wants a home delivery sushi,ok?!(Sorry for bad quality, I receive this run-down aged photocopied brochure from them, cannot be salvaged. This is the best I can do. If got time, I can type manually one by one and then have the form availabe on my blog ..but then Sushi ten has to employ me..hehehe!!)

PARTY sets (BIG 49pcs-$36, SMALL 34pcs-$26)(click on pic to enlarge)

Order form (fax/phone)(click on pic to enlarge)

So u can jot down what u want a day before and call them pronto…no hassling of faxing..(best to call one day advance and order.They are quite popular and at times need to turn down some orders if overwhelming)

For me, I have to call few times(busy line) and I ordered at 2pm and they deliver (if they can, to your area) about 5-6pm.Different area different minimum amount u need to buy on sushi or u might have to pay the delivery fee (about $2 or more depends on ur area again)

fyi-they dont sell sashimi or raw items as it is not that popular amongst customers (maybe older generations ?or malays? I know often they dont like raw items..)

Okey, the sushi has arrived, the waiting moment (3hours waiting) seems like forever but the eating time seems so short..within seconds, HABIS! (finish)

What I ordered…(23 pcs in all, 12 eaten within seconds)

Professionally packed individually wrapped (some movers should learn from this!)

Love the vibrant colours!

Wasabi and soya sauce ($0.20 each)

2 REd caviar @ $1 each

2 SALMON roll @ $0.80 each

2 prawn salad @ $1 each (love this!)

2 tuna mayo@ $0.60 each

2 jellyfish salad @$0.60 each (I love this!)

2 ika special (i think squid) @ $1 each

2 TAMAGO (egg) $0.60 each

2 Crab Mayo $0.80 each

2 unagi (eel) $1.50 each (FAVOURITE)

5 tako (octopus)favourite…$0.80 each

VERDICT-This sushi is much much different than Japanese sushi that I’m accustomed to.The sushi has so much added flavour to complement the sushi.It is done to suit Singaporean taste.Wasabi is medium mild (I’m no fan of wasabi but love tis!)This is good for any sushi-newbie to try out.. I like all of it! Very satisfying from the phone operator till the deliveryman, very polite and good customer service to the packaging of the sushi, very nicely DONE! A truly Singaporean SUSHI!

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2 thoughts on “HALAL Sushi delivery..”

  1. i love this place!!! i hv been ordering from them since they opened!!

    i dun suggest ppl to go to the shop..its nt a restaurant or really a kiosk..most sushis in the menu isnt available as most of their customers order thru phone.

    personal fav: otah sushi, shrimp floss sushi, tamago sushi, ebi tempura temaki

    suggest to try: satay chicken – something diff..chicken meat is tender bt aint my fav

    the tofu sushis is too watery the last time i tried it which was few years back…not sure abt now..

  2. did you knw whether SUSHI TEN is no longer available? I went the usual place…Nothing. and even the hotline is no longer in use!!

    Im so goin to miss SUSHI TEN…been so craving to eat sushi der..and nw its no longer available. 🙁

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