Golden Pillow 933 delivery

Golden Pillow 933
195 East Coast Road Singapore 428900
Tel : 6323 8933 Fax : 6222 8933
Operation Hours: 8.30 am – 9.00 pm
Delivery number-63238933

This is my second time trying golden pillow delivery. First time was ages ago when they first started out ,HALAL certified.But I did not order the FAMOUS golden pillow buns but their cold dish..DUCK! YUMMYY! THe best cold duck I ever tasted!Even my mom who was having a toothache at that time, try a piece after much persuasion from me. And then slowly a piece became 2 then 3 and more . It seems it became her painkiller for toothache hehe!It was $30 for the whole duck.

It was expensive but WORTH it because that time not many HALAL stalls selling duck. But then it was no longer in the delivery menu. I dunno why… I just hope they include their famous roasted ducks as one of their delivery menu one day and re-include the cold dish duck…

I remembered those days, “duck crazy”, I used to frequent Causeway Point Cold Storage because they are the only ones that sell HALAL ROASTED duck for $12-18 whole. And I’m a fan of exquisite meats.And also GIANTS at TAMPOI JB also have HALAL peking duck.YUMMY! Too bad now all no more…Maybe Malays dont really like to eat duck or I dunno…next target HALAL geese meat..where to find?Everytime I passed by the Chinese duck and geese stall @ TEKKA, I try to steal some glances…hehe!

Ok back to this golden pillow..step by step.

Anyway the curry is nice and the chicken is tender. Buns are sweet and soft. Shiok for soaking up the curry and place it gently in the mouth. yummy..I think it is for 3-4 persons.$12.80 plus $3 delivery +$1.10 (GST)=$16.90 (orders above $30 is free delivery.)

fyi-U can click on the golden pillow name above to go to their delivery menu.

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1 thought on “Golden Pillow 933 delivery”

  1. Had been ordering food from Golden Pillow for a few times. This was because the food was ok (especially the chicken curry) and value was good. However, the last time was very unpleasant and we felt very let down by their service.

    The delivery guy was more than an hour late (gave them the order about three hours earlier)- but this is excusable.

    Problem is, they did not even inform us that the food would be so late. This led us and our guests waiting with great uncertainty – and causing us embarrassment as our guests were wondering when the food would arrive. And getting hungrier as time went by.

    After we tried to call them, they were unapologetic and tried to excuse themselves. And kept telling us to wait for "another ten minutes". We called them about three times as they kept putting us off. Worse, they even disconnected the phone from us during our conversation.

    Lastly, the delivery guy just strolled up with a "bo-chap" attitude. We told him that he was very late. We were upset and told him we were thinking of cancelling the order. He dismissed our concerns and said "cancel la" and went off without a bother.

    Being made to wait is tolerable. But being ignore, made to suffer hunger and embarrasment is not. We will not place orders with them again.

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