fresh fish noodles @ Parkway Banquet

U mian is a noodle similar to spaghetti in shape and size. This stall I’ve tried has got some of the freshest fishes in the noodles (much better than the fish stall on the right!)

For just $4.80 , order double fish u-mian, (can also order banmian and other noodles) and u can get many chunks of fresh fish fried and raw fish “cooked” when order and noodles, egg, some anchovies and seaweed. Very fresh…the soup is similar to Toa PAyoh ban Mian but Toa Payoh’s fork and spoon Ban Mian is much nicer.( i think the broth and their cili padis is much hotter!)

The western food is ok- I’ve tasted the steak and chicken chop (not as tender and yummy as in VIVO city banquet) but not bad. It’s on a humongous plate.

The nasi padang sold there is not bad too. Like the soft rendang…

Last but not least some ice jelly cocktail for dessert…

Overall food journey is ok..

fyi-dont forget to taste some malay kuehs there..and their sardine non-spicy curry puff (also have raya kuehs)

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