Expensively Sinfully delicious Nasi padang!

Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang.
13 Circular Road Tel: 6536-5302
(one of the shop houses near the CBD area)
Opens: 9am to 10.30pm (Mon to Thu);
9 to 1am (Fri); Noon to 2am (Sat)

This stall has another branch in Geylang but to me the difference are so WIDE! This is so much YUMMIER!! but u need to spend more than normal nasi padang prices. Each person meal can cost $5-$9. But a try is DEFINITELY worth it! Very packed during lunch hours. Long Q.

I’ve always eaten this when DB was stationed in this area few years back. The food is very SINFULLY rich! Need to watch out for coconut gravy but its so GOOD! The food kept me coming back for more…No pics at the moment..but if u are in the CBD area (clarke quay mrt)do give it a try. Dont let the long queue (only during certain makan timings) and expensive prices stop u….

Even makan sutra state RATING-Must try or regret ah!

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