Care for Halal Jamaican food?

Update 2008-This restaurant is no longer around.

Del’Rasaa bistro
23 Lavender Road
(nearest mrt-in between BOON KENG and Farrer park)
Opening hours-10am till 9pm (internet connections for laptops available)
weekends(fri & sat) -till 5am
Specialities-Caribbean food (muslim owned)

U can look up their menu here.

I saw this shop many times as I took the bus but did not have the chance to go till I met the site by mistake recently.They do Jamaican food for catering too.

“All dishes uses ingredients that are airflown all the way from the Caribbeans. All of which are marinated and grilled to perfection… Its smokey, tangy and spicy flavour coupled with the spicy-sweet mango chutney, will leave a slight tingling on your palate.”..quoted

Their jamaican dishes are Jamaican jerk chicken,Jerk beef kabobs, Jamaican jerk fish..and lots more.

Interesting huh? Alhamdulillah, now the muslims are adventurous and willing to take the risk of venturing out new kinds of FOOD of different countries . Alhamdulillah, May God help us all in our ventures…memperluaskan produk2 makanan sedunia HALAL (promotes a wide variety of HALAL products worldwide).

Read more on the interview with the owner (sorry, in Malay but if can translate online, why not?)

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