Azmi Chappati @Norris Rd (Lt India)

Azmi Restaurant @ Thye Chong Restaurant
170 Norris Rd
Time: 0800 – 2230

One of the best chappati for me. Freshly made and piping hot served. Tried the keema and tripe curry. YUMMY! Also there is yummy mutton bone/leg (popular!from 12pm onwards) and burung puyuh/quail bird (have not tried yet probably afternoon onwards).There is rice and dosai available too.

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1 thought on “Azmi Chappati @Norris Rd (Lt India)”

  1. i think this restaurant is being overrated. nothing special but a bunch of salty, very oily dishes that will put diners off. onced i was there in the mid afternoon and there were many crows flying from the roof to the bins placed just outside the shop. the best part was, no one from the restaurant took the initiative to drive the crows away!

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