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And the answer is…

Where did my feet take me today 1-3? And the answer is SHAH ALAM stadium bazaar Ramadan. It’s between GIANT supermarket and shah alam stadium. When we went there, it was raining badly and so we took a cab (from Batut iga station) to the GIANT and shop around after the rain subside, we walk 5-10mins to the “BIG” bazaar. Its filled with many, many stalls selling all kinds of food, one u can never imagined. I took most of the shots but there are many that I missed too.
Cheapest mode of transport :Take the KTM commuter to BATU TIGA(nearest) and then hop onto a cab (RM 6-8).
I was teased by some vendors…some said that this (oh i video cam too)video will be published in the tv and some asked me to smile more…(heheh!)

In fact all over KL, almost all LRt/MRT stations have Ramadan bazaars. U cannot go wrong, once u stepped into the bustling city of KL, u’ll be awed by the presence of bazaars and of course human congestions too!

Oh by the way, during ramadan, in city square JB, the atmosphere is like “ghost town”..but in KLCC Suria, its congestion of human traffic is terrible…so different!

Got a chance to break fast with the KL people in the “almost full” favourite Kandar pelita (opposite Corus hotel/5 mins walk from KLCC Suria). There is a complimentary kurma,agar2 fruit platter for all of us. Very “market like” atmosphere , very cheery (meriah) mood and lots of delicious dishes to choose from…(went there about 6.30pm still got seats!)

My pick…sotong, saltish duck egg and mutton (this time, the meat is tender).I saw many people orderd the kicap ayam/bbq chicken?!? (soyasauce chicken)I’ve tried them in previous visit and its YUMMY! What I LOVE is the curry..very different. Very thick and yummy!If possible, soaked the whole plate in the curries.hehe!The concoction of mixture certain curries and gravies makes it ULTIMATE KANDAR!!(so far I cannot emulate it in Lt India even though I ask the mamak to add some curries all over..hehe!)

I saw this family ordered 3 ice-kacangs (for 1 adult 2 kids) and it looks so tempting that I gotta order too! (copycat..heh!) But mine came and the ice-cream topping has melted and so there is a big BLOB on top..hehe!

After that, went for a walk to ease the mountainous tummy…see the wonderful view of KLCC building (can u see the moon in between the towers?)

and not forgetting a must-haves in KL…(6 inch sandwich not the foot-long, I chose both turkey ham and turkey breast and roast beef and everything on it-all sauces and all veggies since I have a hard time choosing. Favourite bread is Parmesan Oregano but sold out so I chose the wholemeal , not bad, soft..)

fyi: I wrote to subway singapore about getting HALAL certification, they said that there is similar request from muslim customers and that might be a possibility but for now…if u want to eat their vegetarian/tuna, they can change their gloves and separately do the sandwiches for u…but then ..I think I just hop on to KL the next time I got the craving!

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9 thoughts on “And the answer is…”

  1. hey i just came across ur blog .. interesting reads and very informative esp if u r not sure of the halal eateries in a certain area. keep up the gd work! and selamat berpuasa

  2. first time to your blog. instant legend. its right up there in my favourites. below islamonline such a service you’re providing. gd stuff, hope to be updated. selamat berpuasa

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