SUTUN in Suria

This must have been my 3rd time in watching SUTUN. I fond fascination in this drama. Either the boy acted well or the drama is well-made. It’s about a boy who is “soft” and often being teased by his classmates and kampung. he loves pink and he walks girlishly. His mother used to dressed him in girls clothes when young because she thought that her child is gal and thus bought many girly clothes and when it was a boy, she thought why waste it and just wear thinking that when he grow up , he will have the sense to know which is feminine and which is masculine.

Actually he is not gay neither “a-kua”.Just a turmoil of emotions and finding out his true self within himself. Very fascinating..and if u wonder why the title is called “SUTUN”..this is due to him unable to pronounce “SOTONG” but instead he said “soo-toon”.Watch it this moment in SURIA!!Or u can wait for a repeat telecast…

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