someone committed suicide…

Someone has committed suicied in my neighbouring precint. Though I am not popular with gossip-mongers ,somehow I was informed and thus activate my “kepo-ness”. I was told that the human parts are all smashed up and one of the maid who sent the kids to school saw a small flesh lying in a nearby grass patch. YIKES!

And to make matters worse, the area is in the path of kids going to school. I hope none saw the gory incidents or worse still the gory parts.

Anyway, I remembered in my prime time, my kid brother was going to school in the wee hours of the morning. And he pass by few void decks. And @ one particular block, he saw a big lump. But unable to see in the darken morning, he came closer for a look and to his SHOCK it was a person’s body all smashed up in parts. He immediately ran to school. He told us immediately that day and till today, I can see the fear in his face as he remembered his GORY incident…I believe it had an impact on him, luckily he was in his teens. If in his primary school years, I dunno what the impact will inflict on him. Astaghfirullahalazim….

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