Sheikh Najib's NASI LEMAK stall-some changes

can go here!or view video…

One of my favourite nasi padang stall in LITTLE INDIA.It is situated at ROWELL road. It is called SHEIKH NAJIB NASI LEMAK stall. If u walk/enter by serangoon Road, u will see LEHAR TANDOORI…walk upwards that road alley and on the right, u will see the small shop.Opposite is a 24 hours nasi padang stall (curry chicken is nice!) and they sell Malay hawker fares like Mee rebus..

Some ammendments…now the SHEIKH NAJIB’s stall is opened from 4.30pm onwards previously 3pm. And should end at 3am.

The nasi padang dishes is only from 4.30pm till 7.30pm (because the dishes normally run out around 8pm) And after that, only NASI LEMAK and mee goreng and balance dishes and kueh2 will be sold.

Dont forget to try out their Teh ICE and ice lime drink (freshly squeezed)!And also their sambal/cili padi sotong!(I have not get to try it, often SOLD out as soon it is cooked. Some even pre-orderd it!)

*Also on SUNDAY-only kueh,mee goreng, nasi lemak will be sold. No nasi padang on SUNDAY!

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