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Sambal petai tempoyak ikan bilis

I’ve been Missing-in-Action from my blog for a week….

Wonder where i went? I’ve been adding kilos after kilos in my weight. Because of tempoyak,I’ve been experimenting with recipes and if possible, everything, I want to add durian. heehe!and of course the whole house is “smelly”..need a thorough cleaning!

Stinky beans

Anyway my finale dish is the “Sambal with petai(aka stinky bean/parkia Speciosa) and fermented durian and ikan bilis”. Always wonder why the Malaysians like to add tempoyak to their sambal chilli? now, I’s “the secret” ingredient in making the sambal to crave for! the fermented durian really adds a PUNCH to the normal sambal. Very SHIOK!

RECIPE here…

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