Salmon belly anyone…

When I was in holland, one of my favourite snack is smoked SALMON belly.I dunno how to describe it. It’s tender and juicy and that has the most oil! Best eaten with bread or by itself…

Anyway reminisces the past, I got the craving again?!! And so I drop by VIVOcity and try searching for it. Alhamdulillah, I found it. Also this week, I had been on a frenzy search of the best salmon fish steak. I went to SHENG SHIONG, CARREFOUR@Plaza Singapura /dhoby Ghaut and GIANT vivocity.I want to find the most economical and FRESHEST taste salmon.I didnt go to the ones that are already prepacked with the price tag along. I went to the fresh corner where the steaks are not weighed yet. I took the small/medium size. About $3-$5.the verdict?? VIVO CITY GIANT has the freshest one….(my opinionslah, my tongue also rite?!)and quite ok price.

Salmon steak

Anyway, I strolled along and found this…salmon belly (fresh not smoked) cost about $2-$3 (cheap with lots of bellies!)…I stir fried them. And then some I eat and some I make into fried need to add oil. The oil will comes out of the belly and “moisturize” the fried rice. YUMMY!!

Anyway for the smoked salmon (normally prepacked in supermarket) , it’s best to make as DIY sushi. Because it’s already saltish, so the vinegared rice is a GREAT combination!And if u add wasabi..more POWER!

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