And then after a mouth watering curry puffs as alas perut “appetizer”, I decided to give RAMEN TEN a try. It was a small restaurant in JUBILEE cineplex.

Anyway, the meals are not bad but costly.. I’ve tasted better though especially the sushi. But the spicy Ramen is not bad, very spicy and SHIOK! I took the minced meat ramen as recommended in the menu..about $8. The cheese cakes are so-so.. The gyoza is so-so.Overall-so-so oklah, if hungry, taste nicelah…..I expect better from a Japanese restaurant.

fried Gyoza

colourful spicy ramen

salmon sushi @ $2.20 for 2 piece

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2 thoughts on “RAMEN TEN-AMK part 2”

  1. omg! im like commenting on almost all ur japanese post in 1 day XD

    nvr went to the AMK branch but i frequent their branch in Far East Plaza..i feel the food is very nice..the bento are super filling..and i prefer their sushi than Hei Sushi..somehow the taste is more fresh tho its limited..

    fav ramen: spicy salmon dry/soupy ramen

    fav sushi: deep fried, egg crepe

    fav side order: soft shell crab, prawn mayo

    nightmare dish: the fried sotong(dunnu what they called it) – full with tentacles + heads

  2. they just opened an outlet combining with Shin Tokyo @ Clementi(new building near mrt – dunnu what is it called). It is not halal yet but i believe it will be soon and it has conveyor belt sushi!!! woohooo

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