Power Mee rebus @Kovan Centre

9 Yio Chu Kang Road, Kovan Centre #01-01/02, Ah Seah Eating House Opening hours 10.30am – 8pm, closed on Fridays Price $2.00, $3.50

Frankly speaking, I ‘m not a fan of MEE REBUS. Often, I accompanied my mum on her MEE REBUS rendezvous and occasionally, I would stick my tongue out to try.Furthermore, mee rebus has no meat which can be seen visually (broth not counted)as I am a carnivorous kind of person.

This morning, I missed breakfast, not knowing what to eat. And then a sudden pang of hunger strike me with a sudden craving for POWER MEE REBUS.I know there is a place near Hougang/serangoon that serves GREAT MEE REBUS. I searched the web and found one. Actually I know about this places ages ago but due to my nonchalant interest in this MEE REBUS, I just wipe it off my forehead.

But today, I got a GOAL! To conquer Kovan centre and taste the POWER Mee rebus. First dont be fooled by the word KOVAn and thought it was near to KOVAN MRT. It was nearer to Serangoon MRT and I still need to walk about 400m about 15mins stroll.

I was there about 11pm. I thought it was opened but then it wasnt ready till 20mins later. I ordered cold CHENGTNG drink $1.20 to quench my thirst and waited.True enough exactly, 20 mins later,I was the first customer! Within seconds, there was a queue! I was lucky!

I bought the $3.50 chicken mee rebus. And tapow a normal one home(just in case I crave for second helpings)It was the most LUXURIOUS MEE REBUS ever! The servings was BIG, BIG HARD boiled EGG, BIG CHICKEN(thigh section!), a ladleful of satay peanut sauce on top of the mee rebus gravy.MY eyes were dancing in excitement!

A word of precaution though- Wear a BIB if u’r wearing white..or keep a wet tissue closeby.

2 different thick gooeylicious gravy-peanut satay sauce and mee rebus gravy.

But anyway back to the POWER MEE REBUS, I slurp and munched and swallow the POWERFUL shiok MEE REBUS! What better way to enjoy the cold humid weather than to slurp on HOT piping MEE REBUS freshly made, rite?!I ate so clumsily but I do not care whether anyone see my messy “makeover”.It was TERRIFICALLY SHIOK! I was in a MEE REBUS dreamland. My baby was making noises to distract me but to no avail. hehe! (Oh, I noticed there is black spicy cilipadi sauce beside me for those who loves some fieryness in their food.But for me, the food needs no “touch-up” .So good on its own.)

It was WORTH my trip though I got to walk the distance.After the meal, it kinda inject some adrenaline into me and I “ZOOM” all the way to KOVAN MRT(much further away).

Oh by the way, they also sell , SATAY , u can have it with MEE rebus and also no-added oil MEE SOTO. The owner was so generous to even share his SOTO recipe to one of the local digest.

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