korean KIMCHI…

Had a call from my mom and that she tried making the korean KIMCHI herself and so my tastebuds also felt eager to try it, and so I search at local supermarket and tried a small one-$2. Not bad….not so spicy pickled cabbage.A bit sourish.

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2 thoughts on “korean KIMCHI…”

  1. assalamualaikum..
    how your mom made the kimchi?
    i really want to know.
    coz it's hard to find kimchi here.and even it does,
    i don't know if it's halal or not.

    hope you can post the recipe here or just email me.
    i really like korean foods!it's just that i've limited choice here in sarawak.
    btw,nice blog!

  2. ok, my mom said that she dont really write down the recipe, it just came naturally when she felt like eating kimchi. Ok here it is:
    Kimchi making

    1)Soaked the chinese cabbage in water with salt (2 tablespoon)for 6 hrs/overnight

    2)Then tossed it and remove all water, pat dry with kitchen towel/squeeze the water out

    3)Grab a fist of "anak ikan bilis" (anchovies babaies, perhaps its silver fish)with 1 big red onion, 5 cloves of garlic,ginger 1 inch, fresh chillies (up to uhow many u want to make it spicy) and blend them all into a paste.

    4) Mix the paste with the cabbage, add a bit of sugar(1 tablespoon) and vinegar (2 tablespoon) fish sauce (3 tablespoon ) . Then leave it outside for 3 days. After that refrigerate.
    If u want it to last longer, put in freezer and only take out when u want to eat some.

    Hope that helps!

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