Kelong Seafood

Kelong Seafood lunch in Johor State

Peanutty Apppetizer

baby Kailan

Live fresh prawns in Indonesian curry claypot

buttered cuttlefish rings

Steamed gong-gong

Fleshy gong-gong without the shells and sourish limey chilli dipping sauce

Bamboo clam steamed with garlic

Black Peppery crabs

Steamed “freshly caught” garoupa

free fruit palate

last but not least….

SGD$66.087 for 4 normal eaters

Enjoy the great view with a mountainous tummy!

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  1. Hi… i think we have something in common. Food hunters. But credits to you for being more proactive. Seems that you have uncover more eating paradise than me. Keep it up. Cool blog! Btw, stumble on two kelong dining that you had uncovered. Care to share? Thanks!

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