kelong seafood

Thought of going to BATAM for some KELONG seafood but then I remembered about the kelong crashing and hurting some Singaporeans and decided not to…

So I thought of going to Malaysia.Surfing the sites, I saw some interesting sites…(click on the links , there are interesting pics included)

KELONG 1-Restoran Todak (orang Asli)located near pasir gudang they state that they serve ONLY HALAL food.

KELONG 2-Restoran SALIM near second link @taman perling. For those who drive,this is the driving instructions given:-

go to 2nd link exit johor bahru..
after toll, go straight till u see a Taman perling shopping centre
Turn right @ the junction
Then straight all the way till u see a t-junction

Turn Left at the T-Junction.
Then go straight….

the name of the kelong is”RESTORAN MAKANAN LAUT SALIM”
Hope this info help…
all the best
…Thankz to Mr and Mrs Rozaidee.

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