After tempoyak week, I have this itchiness to eat PRAWNS!!! This is what is left of 20pcs of grey prawns fried in sambal.

Also when I stressed out, I tend to SPLURGE on EXPENSIVE food like SALMON fish steak, COD fish steak,KING PRAWNS and other “weird” food that I seldom eat on daily basis!!!I saw a frozen goose and I stand there quite long looking, searching whether it is HALAL (because it is beside the frozen HALAL chicken). But to my dismay it is not, I think if it is , I will also GRAB it even though I dunno how to cook it.(will google for recipes). It cost about $30.

This prawns “supposed” to be on offer from CARREFOUR @ 100grams for $3.7++ (something like that). So I choose the fattest ones 4 pieces for $12++ This is the same size prawns that when u eat @ Newton, it cost about $7 each. So quite WORTH it! I ate 3! ehhee!Just fry with olive oil, garlic and ginger.


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