Is this the long lost famous curry duck?

My mum once told me ages ago that there used to be a famous duck curry in little India.Actually I dont believe her. Indian eating duck? Very, very..unheard of.

As I was surfing the web, I found this. Is this what my mum is talking about? Is it HALAL? Normally KHAN is muslim..but again one cannot guess and eat. Must check thoroughly. From the website , I learned that tuesday lunch time is the special day. The address-149 dunlop street.Is this the ONE?

so insya-Allah, next Tuesday hear I come..but first I must check whether it still exist… HEY! I’ve tasted it !!! part 2 updated 14/8/07

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2 thoughts on “Is this the long lost famous curry duck?”

  1. John De Mello Ding Dong

    Hi, I think Khan restaurant serves halal food. It caters 100 packets of briyani every Friday for the nearby Abdul Gafoor Mosque. They serves duck curry only on Tuesdays. the only time when they stop serving duck was during the birdflu thingee when there was no supply of duck. Everyday there is one speciality, prawn sambal, egg sambal… Burr Singh

  2. Burr Singh>>Thanks for the fast response..I hope the restaurant is still there at the same location. YIPEE! Ducky here I come…THANKX!

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