Idly, indian breakfast..

Often when I enter Komalas, I often see indians eating Idly. Not wanting to embarassed myself by staring, I would often take sneak peeks. But now I dont have to…

This mamak shop has some delicious idly freshly made in the early morning,homemade dosai and delicious sardine curry puffs (as stated in much, much earlier posts)
Blk 50 Dorset road
Mon-Sat (6.45am till while stock last!)
The shopkeeper is Indian muslim and is very friendly. His food is HALAL-made.(by muslim people)

It is like putu piring but plain, no palm sugar or gula melaka but eaten with some kind of curry gravy. SHIOK! Cost , I think is $1 only.Quite filling like rice
Oooh..I ‘m so in love with the gravy..also the same with the dosai gravy..

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