HALAL mooncakes are OUT!

I think when the mooncakes are out, I am more ecstatic than the chinese who celebrated the mooncake festival.
I love the SNOW skins and MOSHI(like chewy dewwey flourballs with flavourful fillings). As for the baked ones, I love to bite at the duck yolk because there will be a mixture of saltish sweetish taste in the mouth and i LOVE it!

Over here, (sorry for the bad image, my DB actually crumpled it to throw away and I picked it back..)there are MODERNISED new-found flavours too :cempedak,pineapple lotus,peanut butter chocolate,longan wolfberry,green tea, raspberry,chocolate mint..and not forgetting the KING of fruits-DURIAN24 flavour.(can click on the menu to enlarge the image heheh! not so clear.)

Snowskins are dearer about $9. Baked ones about $8 and the mini ones about $3++. If u buy a set about $27-$37 price range.

One of my favourite ones are SWENSENS ice-cream moon cakes! Lovely!

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