HALAL deer, ostrich and turkey meat

Where can we find HALAL deer,duck,ostrich,lamb and turkey meat…? Where else?
Situated @ 2nd floor near the butcher section.Deer and ostrich is similar to beef but the colour of the meat is different. A bit darker.And the smell is of course different.

There are also HALAL meat loaves, chicken honey ham,smoked salami and pepperoni placed near the fruits section.

(Overseas)Rabbit (in holland)is similar to chicken meat but again it has a slight weird smell.Not for the faint hearted cos they normally sell whole rabbit with its skin stripped off hanging..Camel (in Arab) is tough similar to beef but tough.

The nearest cooked HALAL rabbit, deer, ostrich meat u can taste is satay KAJANG, MALAYSIA.No gory hanging animals just some SHIOK tenderlicious bbq skewered meat!

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