Hady Mirza’s favourite puffs

Well, since I’m in a curry puffs mood, let’s continue with our second singapore Idol’s favourite..”HEART-SHAPED curry puffs!” @ Geylang serai.

For some delicious pics, check this out!For sure, U’ll be speeding to Geylang serai after that!

Haven’t got the chance to try it yet. Passed by many times, but once I reached Geylang serai, so MANY GLORIOUS food that I look left, right up , down everywhere…scouting for empty seats..and delicious looking stalls…Too many to remember for my 386 CPU..has only certain megabyte…hehhehe!

Will take note to keep a LOOKOUT for the HATI epok2 from the heart by the heart…

2 thoughts on “Hady Mirza’s favourite puffs”

  1. Thanks for the recommendations.

    I would also like to recommend the curry puffs sold at the coffee shop at Mackenzie Road, opposite the former Rex cinema.

    The curry puffs are best eaten whilst they are hot. The fillings are generous and the curry is strong in its taste. The crust literally melts in your mouth.

    The curry puffs are halal…besides curry puffs, they also sell halal chicken rice, and other restaurant fare such as chilli crabs.

    Worth a try.

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