Freshest TAHU goreng@ Queens Street

Blk 270 Queens Street Near Sim Lim and OG shopping centre.The stall name is INDONESIAN SATAY.Normally by late evening, the satay are sold-out.
This is one of my TOP 2 FAVOURITE tahu goreng (about 11am onwards) The tofu taste so FRESH like just bought from pasar. And it’s big. only $2-$2.50. The tofu immersed in the crunchy, spicy peanut sauce. Oh, shiok as it enters ur mouth, u just felt so SHIOKness drooling all over u.
Their satay are good too. They only have mutton and chicken.Each stick cost 40cents. I love their mee soto too. In fact, I like most of the stuff they sell-all $2-2.50.
p.s: I saw some ordered BUBUR SOTO, looked kinda yummy…. *drools

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1 thought on “Freshest TAHU goreng@ Queens Street”

  1. Oh yes! This was where I eat almost everyday for 6 solid years when I worked at BSQ. I love the tahu goreng, gado-gado, mee soto, mee rebus, mee siam and of course the satays.. all very great tasting food from the same very shop. And very cheap too.. Oh dun forget to add that bagedil too… shiok!!!

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