EPOK-epok central @Eunos MRT

EPOK-epok central @Eunos MRT market.

This sardine epok-epok is small. But the sardine filling is ok. Maybe its expertise is in potatoes epok2.Maybe but I didnt try. MY epok2 TOP list still stand as it is.

Then I glimpse it’s neighbouring stall.The sardine puff is a bit bigger and its filling is much darker in colour and spicier.Not bad.

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2 thoughts on “EPOK-epok central @Eunos MRT”

  1. We need something heavier than epok-epok! Hahaha!

    While still at the topic of Eunos food centre:
    For “power” dishes, try something from Al-ham (nearest stall to Eunos MRT station) if you haven’t already done that.

    Chicken rice … I can’t recall the name of the stall, but it’s at the central part (second row …?) of the food centre with loud, youthful owners.

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