Donut Factory frenzy…halal?

Recently DONUTS are everywhere…kinda like a fad…

Wish the famous long queues DONUT FACTORY is HALAL though. I checked the MUIS website, its not listed there. And I google for more info, one of a forum member has email to the DONUT factory and they said it does not contain LARD and alcohol…

Lard means pork, so how about other animals? Maybe contains animal gelatins or others, who knows rite?allahu alam.

But if it is purely vegetarian and contains no alcohol in their ingredients then I might give it a try…never mind, I will email them..and get their response.If u want to email them-

For the time being, I’m going to LARKIN bus terminal for my FAVOURITE DUNKIN DONUTS! CIAO!!

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1 thought on “Donut Factory frenzy…halal?”

  1. Hi Putri,

    Have you tried Donut Empire? Do you know if it's halal?

    At Tiong Bahru Plaza (basement), there's Chewy Junior and recently saw that it has the MUIS halal logo. Haven't got the chance to try it though… Maybe you could do a review? Hehehe.. thanks! Here's the link:

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