Do u know what this is?

This is CAVIAR. The food sought after by the HIGH society. But this caviar that I tasted is only $14.80 @NTUC XXL AMK. It is raw SALMON roe (eggs). I have never tasted it and so I bought the bigger version. There are extra mini roes too!There are cheaper ones too. The cheapest I saw was $7.The price depends on the type of fish roe.

As I took one roe and squashed it within my closed jaws, I felt a fishy smell orangey liquid oozing out into my tongue. Such extraordinary taste.But I like…It is saltish but bearable if u eat piece by piece but if in one scoop, its best taken with something bland, like a cracker.Or u can make sushi and put the roes on top.

EXQUISITE taste…I like…suddenly I felt like a royalty…dreaming..

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