do u know DUNKIN DONUTs is BACK?!!

One of my favourite food to ta-pow back is DUNKIN DONUTS from Johore Bahru.My favourites are double chocolate donnut and the filled in chocolatey chocolate pudding.Their dough is soft and yummy which I try to find halal alternatives to but to no avail.

In Malaysia it is HALAL-certified. Recently I read in LOCAL KING that there is a delivery service on certain days for DUNKIN DONUTS. and so I emailed them whether it is HALAL certified. Their reply was that it is vegetarian and contains no meat or gelatin.But i forgot to ask whether it contains any alcoholic ingredients e.g spirit, wine…U can also email them for more info: or surf their
DUNKIN DONUTS singapore website

I think I will wait till it is HALAL certified….

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