Cukur rambut cum tahnik service ..

This service of shaving the head of newborn baby (to strengthen the visuality of the eyes) and the “tahnik” (introducing the sweets in newborns by pious person)is organised by Darul Ghufran Mosque@Tampines. It is held during weekends in a privacy of ur family in a room with an ustaz. No fee is charged but u can donate.At the end of the session, a certificate is given. Very professionally done!

contact them @
Darul Ghufran Mosque
503 Tampines Ave 5
Singapore 529651
Tel: 67865545 Fax: 67865485

Buses From Tampines Interchange : 291, 69, 72
Bus from Punggol MRT & Changi Airport PTB2 : 34
Bus from Bedok Interchange : 69
Bus from Yio Chu Kang Terminal : 72

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2 thoughts on “Cukur rambut cum tahnik service ..”

  1. I just happened to come across ur entry about cukur rambut! I'm so terlambat! I just had this function on sat for my first newborn…my dad did it for my son.. do they do for subsequent one?
    I like the whole thing how they did it… 🙂

  2. I believe it is possible. Why dont u call and give it a try? Some believe that if u shave/ "cukur" the child's hair as frequent e.g once a week on a certain day, there are some benefits for the child. Allahu alam. Furthermore, the Ustaz will tahnik for ur kid too and doa for him/her.

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