chicken chop @BANQUET VIVO city

Tender juicy chicken chop @ $4.50 only. U can have it with either mushroom or pepper sauce smoothered all over ur chicken chop. The thin small fries are crispy and I love the garlic bread. It’s only one piece but it’s YUMMY and crispy!This is one of the best chicken chop, I ever tasted! Very juicy and large piece. Worth a TRY!!A definite come again treat!

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4 thoughts on “chicken chop @BANQUET VIVO city”

  1. hi Putri,went to VivoCT banquet y'day for the Chic Chops. DISSAPPOINTING!!! Now it cost $5.50, chicken small, sauce no gd, fries cold, garlic bread doesn't taste near to one & it's ROCK hard!

  2. So sadz…that was the first time I tasted in that shop and got all my thumbs up (including my toes)! Now where to find SHIOKS chicken chop?..Thks for informing…

  3. Nur Janatun Naim blk 511 bedok north market there has some Gerekz chicken cutlets and roti johns. Hope u can try them! Selamat hari Raya from mat motorz…

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