Cheaper electronic products than Mustafa..

NARANJAN electronics

There are 2 shop that sells cheaper electronics products than Mustafa. But buy at ur own risk. These shops are wholesalers. They will say there is international warranty but not local warranty. I think they are parallel imports. Their handphones, dvd recorders, digicameras, camcorders ..and lots more are cheap! The difference can be up to $100 than in buying in retail outlets like Sim Lim or more if in the city.I think u can exchange within 3 days after buying.(check to confirm please). A lot of foreigners bought their phones there. Open everyday 9 am onwardss till night. Crowded times are weekends and evenings. The shops are narrow and small.(Bring ur own fan if u intend to stay longer)

Tip:Make sure u are equip with knowledge about the products u are buying before going there.Customer service is more like “entertain yourself”. To me, its RISKY because no LOCAL warranty.

Previously I took the risk(naive because I thought itnernational warranty includes local) and I bought an olympus digicamera ($50 cheaper than Sim Lim) and alhamdulillah it is still good (8 months)insya-allah will hope it lasts for a very long time.I prefer going to Mustafa though, aside their good knowledge in the products and great recommendations, their customer service in the electronics products are good too and of course with the local warrant is a plus!

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