Breakfast @Mustafa Cafe.

There are 2 sets of breakfast in mustafa Cafe. One is JAZZ breakfast consist of 2 kaya toasted bread and 1 hash brown and 1 egg. As for the other breakfast, I forgot the name- it consist of 2 kaya bread and 2 eggs. Both sets have tea/coffee option. Only $3!(Previously was $2.50)

I love their fries, onion rings (each $2.50) freshly fried. and I use to like their fish and chips before the price increases. Previously was about $4.50 now, I think they increase by $1.

Their NEW menu also includes corn $2, ice-cream cones with large serving of ice-cream for $1.80 , i think. they also have dum briyani. Not bad. Overall, quite good if u need food-on-the-go.

U can choose to seat outside or inside, air-con.

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