BEST Beef HORFUN and HOTPLATE beancurd!!!

update 2010- The restaurant has MIA.

Updated!!!(2.1.08) Don told me that they will be closed temporarily till they find better location and staff…

Jalan klapa (near Arab street/masjid sultan mosque)Open @ 12pm.
Another marvelous DISCOVERY (thanks to Don Sadus!)
Alhamdulillah at last, I got to taste the FAMOUS beef horfun and the hotplate TOFU/beancurd.(Click on it to see bigger version of the menu)They do delivery too!

The soft jelly like tofu and the delicious prawns,squid and juicy mushrooms complement each other very well. Large generous servings of tofu too. I think it is for 3 person. $10.

FRESH (very!)prawns in hotplate fresh tofu.YUMMY!

BEEF Horfun-with silky broad kway teow noodles and thick beef gravy with generous servings of beef briskets -$4. U must “SLURP” to enjoy it!

Insya-Allah will come back to try out their other seafood menu..

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  1. Hi putri,
    I would like to know the address for this makan place. Is the place already open or they still looking for a new place. Would like to try the horfun and beancurn hotplate looks so tempting..meleleh sey tengok!

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