And the winner is…..(sardine puff category)

I have found the ultimate SARDINE PUFF fillings!! I love the moist sardines red fillings! So moist and juicy! It is milder and not as spicylicious like the HELLO ones.The skin is of flaky puff skins like in the pastries.

The fillings are GREAT. They have all kinds.But one flavour, I will always remember: “Durian”. It is similar to Durian cream puffs but not as rich and creamy. Not bad. I find myself enjoying it. Could have been the rainy weather too. Cold and hungry….
Oh by the way, u can get them @ 1A curry puffs @ the AMK bus terminal underground opposite NTUC XXL.

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3 thoughts on “And the winner is…..(sardine puff category)”

  1. The time, I was there, the HALAL certificate was there. But that was then..To confirm, u can check with MUIS. So why don’t u tell me whether it’s HALAL or not? 🙂

  2. i always buy 1A from taka B2(gt halal cert), if im nt wrong thrs othr branches which are halal too..but recently i just went to the 1A main webby, under the products they displayed halal im nt sure if all their outlets are halal

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